Express Food Ordering Solutions

Got a busy day at Work?
Don't have time to wait on queues at your office food court? Relax.
Order from Pickyto and get it delivered to your office desk.
No Q's. No Hassle. No Hungry Work! Order in less than 60 seconds!



5X Benefits

Reduce billing counter expenses by at least 5X - Install 5 Pickyto Kiosks for the monthly cost of a cashier


Increased Order Sales

Increase your monthly order sales by 8-10% - Bill 10% more customers with Pickyto Kiosk in a 30min window

Increase Order Value

Increased Order Value

Increase your monthly order value by 25-35% - Intelligent upsell by Pickyto increases your top-line business

Secure Payment Method

Fast And Secure

Easy, Fast and secure payments can be made by using VISA/Master Card Credit or Debit Cards, Net Banking, UPI and from all your favourite wallets

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction with intuitive and hassle-free ordering and engage with loyal, repeat customers in ways that were never possible before

Productivity Software

Improved Productivity

Deliver personalized care to customers as side-effect of efficient operations & improve productivity of your employees

Product Overview

Pickyto App

Pickyto App

The integrated Pickyto mobile app empowers the restaurants to reach their customers any place, any time. With Pickyto mobile app, restaurants can now offer on-premise delivery options as appropriate - such as in tech parks, college canteens, shopping malls and almost anywhere.
The Pickyto App also offers a unique platform to retarget and engage with their loyal, repeat customers in ways that were never possible before.

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Kiosk System in India

Pickyto Kiosk

Our Kiosks enable Superfast, Express Ordering experience to customers.
The self-ordering, touch screen kiosks provide customers the convenience and simplicity they surely deserve.
Self-service Kiosks ordering is the future available now with Pickyto.

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About Us

We are a software product startup with strong focus on building scalable software platform applications that can be leveraged across multiple business verticals.
We are bunch of motivated geeks and crazy innovative engineers sitting in a quaint locality in Chennai and work smart-hard to build pioneering tech products.
We’d like to believe and strive for making this as a place where passion, innovation and technology go hand in hand with infinite opportunities to reach new peaks and make enduring impact!

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